Al’s c and c++ learners link page

Al’s c and c++ learners link page
Help Links for c and c++ news groups – if you have any more faqs or other quality links please email them to me. AL

All info(links) included on this site are in my opinion useful if you are like me and learning c and or c++ and use the associated news groups.

N.B. The order of sites means nothing other than read the faqs first(RTFF)

1: READ THE FAQS! – rtmf, rtfm or rtff

How do I get the FAQs for a particular newsgroup?

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions lists)

ftp or WWW:

e-mail: send a message with the line “help” to

usenet: many FAQs are available in the newsgroup news.answers

The alt.comp.lang.learn.c-c++ FAQ an alternative link is

Welcome to comp.lang.c++

Guide to comp.lang.c

The comp.lang.c FAQ

The comp.lang.c++ FAQ Lite

The comp.std.c++ FAQ

Off-topic posts

‘How to get help via usenet news’

The Basic Rules of Netiquette Netiquette FAQ

The C IAQ (infrequency asked questions list) if you need a faq go here.

Object Orientation FAQ large list of sites with programming information, tutorials, introductions and links to faqs


WWW C++ Information – very good.lots of info. months of reading

The Standard Template Library

Standard Template Library Programmer’s Guide

Microsoft Windows Development

Microsoft Foundation Classes FAQ FAQ (By FTP) FAQ (By FTP)

Winsock FAQ

What is c++ and general c++ FAQ and also Tech Talk About C++ and C and Comeau Templates Faq from Comeau Computing

Jack Klein’s homepage references, tutorials, and information on c, c++ and assembly languages.

MVP’s FAQ for Microsoft Visual C++. Info on Visual C++, MFC and Windows development in C/C++, as well as other related stuff. Vinit Carpenter’s Learn C/C++ Today. links to tutorials, compilers, suggested books.

Peter Seebach’s C links and his other sites


Known Errata for K&R2;

His Errata List for C:The Complete Reference

Billy Chambless’s C Programming Language Resources

Important Please Note

Before asking a question on a newsgroup, please check that it hasn’t been asked before. Doing this can save you and other people time, instead of waiting for someone to give an answer or having to answer commonly asked questions. Google archive newsgroup postings. You can search the differnt newsgroups from these links

Standard search

Advanced Search


first answer read the faqs – most mention books or links to reviews

Thinking in C++ by Bruce Eckel free download. Steve Heller’s Homepage with online full-text version of Who’s Afraid of C++? and online full-text version of Optimizing C++

Comeau’s Suggestions for C++, OO, and C Literature from Comeau Computing

C and C++ Books Recommended Books on C and C++ by Jack Klein

C/C++ User Journal Reading List – C, C++, and Java programming books

DR Dobb’s Electronic Reveiw of Computer Books

Free and Online Books, slides and guides

Thinking in C++ by Bruce Eckeltwo vols and source code. free download. Steve Heller’s Homepage with online full-text version of Who’s Afraid of C++? and online full-text version of Optimizing C++ many online books. have to become a member(free)but I think worth it as you can check out books before you buy them

web tutorial links, books, etc. under learning c++ section. and a few pdfs and other files from this site including:

Also try the world lecture hall do a search for c or c++ beginners courses or intro to computer science or programming 101 – some very good notes available.

Fix for Outlook Express

If you use Microsoft Outlook express to view newsgroups on programming and you get sick of it turning //… to file:// visit this page to download a fix for the problem. It can get quite annoying otherwise when people forget to insert spaces between // and the first words of their comments.


These can be accessed with a news reader. Important site for information on microsoft products is microsoft developer network and the msdn library you will have to register for it but if you are doing windows programming and you don’t have the msdn library on cd or dvd this is a very useful site.








If your isp/news server doesn’t have the microsoft groups get them to carry them or use this news server from microsoft.


For posting messages to Borland newsgroups

Snipped from a newsgroup post by Jack Klein.

Did you post to Borland’s groups on their own servers? They don’t accept posts from other servers, even though it might appear that your message shows up there on your ISP. Go to to see how to post a message to the Borland groups.

Other newsgroups

comp.lang.c++ C++ language

comp.lang.c++.moderated C++ moderated.

comp.object OO design

comp.std.c++ ANSI/ISO C++ standard* tools for Windows software development – a number of groups

comp.os.msdos.programmer Note: The FAQ for this group is not available at; it is at and





comp.sys.mac.oop.* – a number of groups

comp.lang.c opengl graphics programming

comp.arch.embedded for embedded programming and processors

comp.sources.wanted If you want some source code for something, post your request there

comp.programming General programming issues

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